Upcoming Events October 2013

Instead of the usual class by John Egert, the October 19 get-together will be a field trip to Trees That Please.  Plan on meeting at #9 Gilcrease Rd. Los Lunas at 10:00 to take advantage of club access to their 1 gal. material. See Athena’s e-mail for details.

Afterwards, people are encouraged to go to their nursery for their Fall sale, which continues through the month.  Their website is http://treesthatplease.org/.  The nursery is located at 3084 NM Hwy 47 in Los Lunas.  This is a great opportunity to have club experts help you pick nursery stock that can be part of your group planting project for the March Master Class.  Our esteemed Sensei summarizes the salient points:

It’s Tree Time in the Rio Grande Rift!! Did you all get Kenny Boy’s message about where we’ll be on Saturday?? If you can break loose with a few bucks, you may be able to get your forest planting started— or even finished— if we see some good things there. Remember, you will need at least seven trees of all sizes to do the job— five is OK, but looks wimpy unless they are all strong. If you’re hurting for $$, I would suggest looking for one substantial main tree( maybe to be found at the Nursery itself among the larger stock), or two fairly substantial trees to begin the group, then fill out your numbers later.  I’m really curious to see the Dawn Redwoods—- RICHARD MARTIN–ARE YOU LISTENING— A very nice group could be made with them, and it sounds like this guy likes them. Some of you may want broadleaf or deciduous material— we’ll see what’s available. I have a few forest pots that I will be happy to give to anybody that can arouse my degenerate sympathies, but everybody needs to consider a proper pot OR a suitable box as soon as possible. If I can be pried off my delectable butt, maybe I’ll bring some of the loose pots and see which of you can be most pathetic…..
OK— Be there or be square!!!!

The November meeting will take place on the 3rd at the Cumberland Church as usual.  Karl Horak will give a presentation on plant anatomy as it applies to bonsai.  A sneak peak of the slides is online (still a work in progress, though).