This Sunday… (2015)

Well, Peanut Heads, did you enjoy Saturday’s meeting?? I hope that those of you who showed up at the church Sat.AM will admit your error—- we will not laugh at you, we will laugh NEXT to you….. However, you will notice from the attached flyer that our strange boy Willie Pentler many months ago conned me into volunteering US for his Open Space program, and, as always, I thought the day would never come. But it HAS come, and it’s Sunday at 9:00 (which hour I sure-as-hell don’t remember volunteering for). I know you will want to turn out en masse for this sensational event, which surpasses in grandeur the Stuporbowl, the World Cup, and the Oakland Roller Derby finals, all rolled into one. You will WANT to be there!!!! If you’ve never been to the place, it’s quite a marvelous campus— pretty much unknown to the average Burqueno. Besides, attendance is usually pretty sparse, so we can turn it into a mini-Connie’s if you want to bring something to work on. Pentler is desperate for public attention, and he seems to enjoy having us work around there as long as we want. He had more fun than we did last year.
Also, I found my copy of a speech given in the 70’s by Kyuzo Murata, a REAL Japanese Master who owned Kyuka-en nursery in Omiya City, where I studied. It is the Real Deal, and an immaculate inoculation against the Bonsai B.S. that gets thrown around— unfortunately including much of my own. If you remember the flesh and bones of the speech, you will never go wrong. It puts all of our flagrant foolishness— which I dearly love— to shame. I’ll get my renegade son to type it up, and I’ll send it out this week.
What else?? We will meet at the Wicked Queen’s on the 18th, but first we must survive The Savage Sabbath…….
Show up, or be forever cursed….