Saturday Workshop

Attention Los Locos de Arbolitos!! Well, friends, this is the weekend you’ve been waiting for— the Superbowl, Armageddon, Your First Kiss, The Birth of Your Children, and the Oakland Roller Derby Finals all rolled into ONE !!!! We will meet at the palatial home of Janine and Gordon (contact Jesús or Karl for details if you’ve never been there) as close to 9:00 on Saturday as George and I can get there. I can’t remember the address, but maybe Jesus has it. I hope Burt has devised some fiendishly clever way to divvy up the trees, and we’ll get rolling as soon as we get our cheesy act together on that front. In a moment of lucid stupidity, I sent Nelson B. a “schedule” of how I’d like to see our work proceed, but I can feel it slipping into darkness as we speak. No matter— we are going to have fun if it kills us all. If you are new, and having any sort of reticent feelings about  digging in, get over it immediately!! Our Club has always been friendly to the Beginner’s Mind, and this will be no exception. Watchers are also welcome.

As I said, we will work both days and you will come away with something you like no matter how long it takes. We will also have a few souls who can’t be there Saturday, so we’ll review stuff on Sun. and if you want to do another tree or make a small forest, we’ll go for it. We can even change containers if you wish on Sat pm or Sun, but we will not drastically repot.

In the aforementioned vein, our semi-beloved host, Mr. Gordon van Wasabi, has announced that he will be in Fla. on Saturday, so we will depend on the tender mercies of Ms Janine on the first day. From past experience, this will be no problem,  since she has long been regarded as the Brains of that outfit in any event. I think sandwiches will be present for a Puttering Lunch— am I correct??

Remember that tools and wire will be present in quantity if you ain’t got, and money will not be an issue.

It’s time to kick out the jambs, tune up the instruments, and Stomp On The Terra!!!!

See you Saturday…..