Saturday February 20th , 2016 Members-only Workshop

The question is how many of you new folk we can squeeze into Fox’s shop this Saturday for our workshop. In the “loaves and fishes” tradition, we always seem to have room, and we really want you newbies to show up. Maybe bring a folding chair if you’ve got one. Richard’s address is … [ha ha, only if Burt has seen your 24 greenbacks]. You will need to proceed around the side of the house, past Fox’s Folly (his greenhouse), and into his shop at the rear of the property. If you see any degenerate homeless types vomiting on his lawn, those are your fellow club members in Sat. AM form. We will begin at 9:00am and go until the last tree is ruined. Bring some material if you want to do some work. Do not be shy about this— you’ve already pee’d away your 24$$, so you may as well join the lunacy full bore…..

See you Sat.

(New members, if you have paid your dues but don’t know the super secret location, send a message to the web guy via the Contact link on the homepage.  Be there.  Aloha.)