November 2015 Meeting

Remind me, Dear Hearts, when I am making fun of ignorant superstitions, that last Friday– 11/13– was indeed a day when the Croaking Ravens came home to roost and crapped their filthy white feces into my life like a nightmare— a bad movie in which I was the unwilling star. When George came home from work Fri.PM, he was approached by about 6 DEA agents in full combat gear and ski masks, wishing to use our backyard as a point to fire upon our neighbors as they came running out the back door of their apparently heroin–filled house. I regret not getting a photo of them lined up along our side wall, with AK-47’s ready to reduce any escaping soul to human hamburger— a bracing sight. It no longer seems curious that our beloved neighbors kept to themselves, though they always seemed to have a stream of visitors…… They painted their house regularly, and always mowed their lawn— NICE people, Good folks— much like YOU, dear Clubbies— but obviously with a similar nasty little addiction that was only shared with their most intimate friends.

        And thus, in this spirit, we will once again share our Dirty Little Secrets on Saturday AM @ 9:00 at our Winter Quarters in the workshop of Mr. Richard Fox @ 1017 Virginia NE— right behind Garcia Honda. For those of you who have not been there, you will need to park in front and wind your way back to the shop, past Richard’s greenhouse which he bought cheap and immediately put $50,000 into to make it work. You should see several degenerates milling around the front yard whom you will soon recognize as your fellow Club members. Now, the workshop is smaller than Connie’s yard, so prepare for a bit of Forced Intimacy, but we should be fine. We will discuss the ever-present problem of acquiring good material and some other basics. Please bring something to work on, especially junipers and other tough material that we can still tweak. The forecast is for pretty cold weather, but the shop is warm— especially with all the body heat that junkies generate when doing our equivalent of “Using”…..
        I have a gift for The Evil Empress that will come from the class— we’ll see if she sneers at it, since it’s not one of her snotty Masakuni tools.
        OK— Let’s get it on one more time, and to hell with the DEA…..