January 2014 Social Media Update

The Albuquerque Bonsai Club has had a Facebook page since July 2014 and now (January 16, 2015) there is a Twitter feed — @ABQbonsai where all the latest may be found.  Even if you don’t tweet and don’t have a Twitter account, you can see what’s there by pointing your browser at https://twitter.com/ABQbonsai.

Meanwhile, don’t forget John Egert’s workshop on Jan. 17 at a location given only to dues-paying members.

And in February, don’t miss the monthly meeting for a discussion about seiryu stone, bonsai stands, formal upright style, and preparing for the May bonsai show.

The Resources page has been tidied up and of particular interest might be this new article on Suiseki — http://www.top13.net/suiseki-artists-turn-so-far-unnoticed-stones-into-magnificent-art/