Bonsai in November

The nighttime temperatures are going below the freezing point now. The average high temperature is 57 degrees; the average low is 31 degrees. The record high is 77 degrees; the record low is -7 degrees. Trees should be dormant now and in their winter protection. You may open the cold frame on warmer days and during “warm” snows. Close the cold frame by sundown.

Watering: Water less from now to February, but never let them dry out completely. Trees in a cold frame stay damp longer than those in the ground, and they are not using very much water when they are dormant. Never water trees when they are frozen. Water in the morning so all water can drain from the pots by evening. Water trees in the ground at mid-day about once a week. The ground stays damp under the straw. Check for dryness by inserting your finger in the straw. If dry, water.

Fertilizer: None necessary.

Trimming & Pruning: Remove any leaves left on deciduous trees. Remove any extra long second year needles on pines. Time for second trimming on black pines. DO NOT ATTEMPT wiring this late in the year.

Repotting: DO NOT ATTEMPT to repot at this time.