Masculine & Feminine Aspects Of Bonsai

Masculine Characteristics Of A Tree:

  1. Formality: Straight trunks, defined foliage outlines, more symmetrical branch balance
  2. Strength: Powerful rootage, nebari, thick trunk, heavy branches, coarser foliage
  3. Drama: Sharp, angular movement, dramatic direction changes of trunk line, pointed apex, sharp triangulation of foliage
  4. Appearance of great age: Rough bark, deadwood, dark colors of bark or foliage

Masculine Pots:

  1. Angular: Rectangles, squares, hexagons
  2. Formal: Straight walls, plain feet, no glaze, no decoration
  3. Strong: Straight lines, clean profiles, heavy textures
  4. Dark Colors: Earthtones, metallics

Feminine Characteristics Of A Tree:

  1. Informality: Graceful trunk movement, irreg. outline
  2. Gentleness: Rounded curves in trunk and branches, soft foliage, rounded masses
  3. Graceful: Thin trunk, fine rootage 7 BRANCHES, FLOWING LINES
  4. Youthful vigor: Smooth bark, no jin or shari, light color bark and/or foliage, flowers or fruit

Feminine Pots:

  1. Curved: Oval, round, lotus
  2. Informal: Curved walls, tapered outline,decorative designs
  3. Refined: Smooth textures, glazes
  4. Light Colors: Creams, pastels, blues, even brighter colors