March 2016 Meeting

I expect to hear from Burt or John with some choice words about the meeting scheduled for this Saturday, March 5th.  It’s the beginning of high season for spring bonsai work.  Prune, shape, transplant, fertilize, wire — don’t just sit there!

Maybe someone will remember what the program is supposed to be.  I’ve got my leaf anatomy presentation ready, but you’ll have to wait until April for that.  Oh, yes… there’s that Bonsai Show in May, too.

Addendum:  As per usual, John did not disappoint.

“OK, Bonsai Brutes— We will re-announce this on Saturday, but the program I foolishly volunteered for is at Cherry Hills Library, somewhere North of our meeting room, at 6:00 pm on Tues, 3/8/16. I scooped-up a bunch of NM Olives at Jackalope last week, and I’m going to put the whole wretched mess together in a forest planting. This will cause those who work at the library— and who thought they wanted this demo– to regret ever HEARING the word “Bonsai”, and to immediately unfriend/delete all references to the ABQ Bonsai Club. As always, there will be dirt and branches flying everywhere, combined with a LOT of foul language and Strong Drink. If you want to help/watch/kibitz, you will be welcome. Ms Vickie made the grave mistake of offering to help, though I know she plans to have Ken out in the SUV with the engine running in case things spiral out of control, and all her senses compel her to flee the crime scene. Some of you, too,( like Crazy Cousin Will A.) may wish to enjoy a career–pathing experience in the Janitorial Arts by cleaning up the tons of crap we will leave behind. This training should give you the inside track to getting hired to shovel elephant dung at the Biopark—- a job recently held by our own Dr. R Fox, who referred to it as “my little corner of Show Business”.

Very well. Also this Saturday, the Bombastic Burns’s will present a program on Penjing– the Chinese style of bonsai and saikei. AND, El Presidente will hopefully have licked his Dengue Fever bout, and be able to present much long-dormant business re: the Show, and a mob program like last year’s.

I worry that we have not paid much attention to our latest hellbroth of new members— be patient and belly-up to the Bar. Any of you who are unwilling to be loud, demanding, and obnoxious probably are just not material for this Club anyway…….

See you Sat, 9:00 am, at our usual room at the Church.