Bonsai in June

This month is traditionally hot and dry. Average high is 89.5 degrees; average low is 59.7 degrees. The record high is 105 degrees; the record low is 42 degrees. The humidity averages 29%, getting down to around 10% by afternoon on a windy day. It is important now that the trees are in filtered sun. If they have too much shade, the trees will put on spindly growth; with too much sun they will bake. Keep rotating trees during growing season.

Watering: Water well in the morning until it runs out of the bottom of the pot. Cut off any roots growing out of drainage holes. The deciduous trees will probably need more water in the early afternoon. Check pines and junipers for moisture. It is not advisable to water in the late evening because leaves are subject to mildew if they don’t dry off by nightfall. Remember to water the area around the trees.

Fertilizing: Continue normal light feeding.

Spraying: Only as necessary.

Trimming & Pruning: New shoots on older deciduous trees can be cut back now. Start pinching back cypress and junipers with fingers or tweezers. Cutting with shears turns the ends brown. Young pines and vigorously growing older pines should be de-candled. Start with the lower part of the tree first. Leave the top until later. Check all trees for wire cutting into the bark. If it is, remove immediately and rewire.