July 2016 Meeting Postponed

Back during the frosty weeks of winter when we were laying out the year’s schedule, it seemed reasonable to think that we’d have nothing to do but work on our bonsai over the 4th of July weekend.  But last month, suddenly everyone remembered the picnics, the trips to the mountains, firework-caused wildfires, and the in-laws coming to visit.  So with a voice vote the club agreed to postpone the July meeting until the 9th.

Just to be absolutely clear, if you show up at the Presbyterian Church this Saturday, you will find yourself twiddling your thumbs with the rest of the members who don’t check the club website and Facebook page.  (Speaking of which, someone call Connie and remind her!)

Is it just a coincidence that a few weeks after our “dramatic and unprecedented” change of schedule, the UK decided to reverse it’s 60 years of EU membership?  Nuff said.