January 2014 Tree Barking

Wake Up And Smell The Liquid Fish!!!!

And yet AGAIN, we are firing-up the monthly Affront to Botany which will be held at the palatial estate of Richard Fox in his workshop, which houses a many-thousand$$ woodworking machine of rather hazy purpose, which, in any event, has now been shunted into obsolescence by simple 3D printers which will soon be owned by every pimply geek on his block. It is vaguely akin to some senile geezer who keeps a steam locomotive in his garage in the pathetic belief that “They’re a comin’ back!!”. ( Kenneth— will you print Richard’s address for the New Folk???).
But let us not dwell on such digressions…… I intend to cover some basic material since we have a pretty good group of people new to the club, at least, and several new to the art. Ms. Joanne and others have had to jump in to the deep end with no water wings, so we’ll do some basic talk which some of you Anasazi could use as well. I will also bring a smallish pinon which I hope to restyle, with emphasis on visually shortening leggy branches.

ALSO, I know you are lusting for information about the up-coming group planting debacle in March. As we said in the meeting, Geo and I have a few good yosue pots that I want to get into the hands of those of you who are strapped for cash, so that you, too, can make fools of yourself in March. Obviously, nobody wants to talk about being broke, so I have given the task of getting these pots to you to my semi-beloved son, who is broker than any of you, and is almost psychotically close-lipped about this sort of thing. Send him an email at georgekomai@gmail.com, and he will take care of you. We have one pot set aside already, and we have 2 or 3 more. There are other options, too, like stone slabs or Burt’s Concrete Oatmeal that he hyped at the meeting. You may also want to make a wood box and wait a year or two to see if the planting is worthy. Let George know.

What else??? I guess that’s it…. See you Saturday, OR ELSE.