February 2014 Meeting

Saturday February 1 at 9:00 AM
Heights Cumberland Presbyterian Church
Look for us in the SE side of the facility in one of the multi-purpose rooms

Words from the Prez:

This saturday at the meeting we will be having a raffle for the two pots that the club has bought, John’s donation. If you go to this site http://www.bonsaivision.com/category-s/1869.htm third row down far right, blue heritage, is one of the pots and the fith row down first one, the Jim Barrett, is the second pot. These will be useful for John’s group planting class.

For those few, John, people who have not donated their monies for the year it would be appreciated at this time. After this meeting I will be putting together a roster for the year.

We will be discussing civilly, soil, dirt, growing medium or what ever you feel like calling what you are putting
your trees in. Maybe a little about what John thinks we will need, i.e. muck?

I got a new harbor freight flyer and they have a 12′ by 20′ mesh sun tarp for $49 instead of $69. This is what I
have over my tree house for protection for those of you who have been by my place.