Bonsai in December

This is winter now. Even though some days are fairly warm, keep the cold frame closed. Open it if there is a “warm” snow during the day, but close by nightfall. The average high temperature is 47 degrees; the average low is 24 degrees. The record high is 72 degrees; 3 degrees is the record low.

2015-16 update:  El Nino forecasts from NOAA are showing above normal precipitation with normal or slightly above normal seasonal temperatures.

Watering:  Water less from now to February, but never let them dry out completely. Trees in a cold frame stay damp longer than those in the ground, and they are not using very much water when they are dormant. Never water trees when they are frozen. Water in the morning so all water can drain from the pots by evening. Water trees in the ground at mid-day about once a week. The ground stays damp under the straw. Check for dryness by inserting your finger in the straw. If dry, water.  No fertilizing.