Countdown to the 2016 Mothers’ Day Show

Will be this Saturday (4/16) at Connie’s house.  John must not be sniffing the Superthrive as his note below is unusually brief.


Just a mercifully short note to remind everyone that we will be freezing our nebaris off at The Stinging Nun’s backyard on Sat. AM @ 9:00. I was in ABQ yesterday, and purchased a couple of flats of little plants for you to play with making shitakusa and kusamono for the show and/or your yard. What I’m short-of are small pots. I have a few, but if any of you have a stash that you’d be willing to contribute, or just have the ones you want to work-up for yourself, please bring.     My intent is to regale you with show lore, display aesthetics, and other such BS, but remember that we are in prime (re)potting season for conifers right now, so I’ll bring the soil bucket along.

The weather forecast is kind of poor for Sat., so the layered look will be in…..

We Show No Mercy