Celebrate Nicholas Ng’s Life

Come Celebrate Nicholas Ng’s Life on Sunday October 5th !!!

Nick’s friend of 30+ years, Sally Price, has graciously offered to host Nick’s celebration at her home in Four Hills this Sunday afternoon.

Meet and Greet Mixer from 4-5PM, Food Will Be Served at Five PM

Sally’s address is : 1024 Wagon Wheel SE

Sally’s Phone # is : 292-2737.. Sally says that EVERYONE gets lost .. so DO CALL AND SOMEONE WILL COME GET YOU UN-LOST!!!

Here are the directions —They seem simple enough — We will See You There.

Exit EAST I-40 at the Tramway exit.. Heading South, It’s a RIGHT TURN..

Stay in the THIRD LANE FROM THE RIGHT, the 1st two turn onto central.. You want to go straight across Central.. past the Smith’s grocery store on the left..

The road curves around to go EAST ..Go until you get to the STOP SIGN.

Turn RIGHT at the stop sign onto Four Hills Drive, go about 0.8 miles.

You’ll want to turn RIGHT ONTO STAGECOACH .. which is maybe the third turn.

There’s an UNEXPLAINABLE NAME CHANGE from STAGECOACH TO WAGON TRAIN somewhere…..You’re still on track to get there..

Stay on WAGON TRAIN (i.e. StageCoach) until You come to a 3-WAY stop sign.

Go straight until you come to the 4-Way Stop Sign.. still go straight until you come to RATON, which ONLY turns RIGHT. That’s a little over 1 mile.

Turn RIGHT turn onto RATON. Go 300 ft.

Take another RIGHT onto WAGON WHEEL.. Sally’s house is the 7th or 8th on the RIGHT, 1024 Wagon Wheel.. it’s a WHITE SLUMP BLOCK HOUSE WITH BLUE TRIM. Park anywhere in the street.

It seems to me that it’s all RIGHT TURNS.. and Sally’s House is on the RIGHT

… so If Your Car Wants to Turn left.. DON’T DO IT!!!

Bring Yourself,

Bring Your Stories,

Bring Your Pictures,

Bring Your Bonsai