Bonsai Tools

If you are rolling in the dough, consider going to the top of the heap and buying the venerable Masakuni brand. You will need an 8″ branch cutter, an 8″ wire cutter, and #002 shears. The best source is direct from Japan at Bonsai Network Japan. Each tool is 8,800 yen, which means about $300 for all three, and they will last forever.

Don’t get involved in any “specially made” stuff, though Dr. Martin did go a little above the basic line and bought the coated Masakuni’s, which seem beautiful. There are a number of mid-range Japanese-made brands that are somewhat less, such as Kaneshin and Fujiyama (sold by Dallas Bonsai) that are very good.

My strong recommendation is that you go to Tian Bonsai either on Amazon or on Ebay, and if you can pony-up the $160, buy either set # JTTK-02, JTTK-04, or JTTK 05 (though you will have to add a shears to #5, which has all other cutters you will need for awhile).

If money’s tight, buy any or all of the basic three individuals: Master’s 8″ wire cutter@ $40.00; Master’s 8″ shears @ 38.00; and/or Master’s 8″ Branch cutter@ 38.00. I’d start with a shears, then wire cutter, then branch cutter. The reviews from our Clubbies have been good on these Tian’s, and the Amazon reviews are also good—with a couple of stupid exceptions. “Paul”at Tian is a great guy to deal with, and very fast shipper, as is “Maki-san” at Bonsai Network Japan, BTW.