April 2015 Members-only Workshop

That’s right, you Pine Knots!!! Revelations!! And it is now upon us!! In 23 days, you will not be read your cheesy “Rights”, nor will you be offered legal assistance!! On the afternoon of 5/8/15 you will be sucked down the burning hole of Bonsai Hell, and the crusty undead will grasp at your alabaster ankles….  And “Why”, you bleat like sheep?? Because I sense a lack of full commitment on the part of some of you— an unreadiness to plunge into the Lake of Fire in support of your beloved Show Chairman and Humble Sensei!

You may yet save me, if you can pull your collective heads out in time. We will meet at the Mini Ranch of the Grieves clan on this Saturday, 4/18/15, at 9:00 am. [ Did you GET THAT, Suzanne??] The address is way out East where the bonsai-killing winds howl through the pass. Call Kenn or Ms Vickie @292-7023 if you can’t figure it out otherwise. We will pot up a monstrous juniper that Kenn has been torturing for some years, and play with anything else which you bring. I will also regale you with the tragi-comic saga of the show flier this last week. The weather may be a little brisk, but we will soldier on.

So there it is, Tree Toads! The unclean spirits are upon us, and there’s not much time to swat them off our spines!!