Get Them Before They’re Gone

Connie is selling off the majority of her collection. These prices are for club members and friends only, and include the pot, many of which were handmade by herself. If you are interested in purchasing, please call Connie (505) 268 6284 to make arrangements. If she does not pick up the phone immediately, leave a message, she often picks up mid-message.

If you are not an ABQ Bonsai Club Member, do not reach out to Connie directly. Instead, email with the inventory numbers you are interested in, and we will act as an intermediary on your behalf.

Payments must be made in cash. All items are sold as is, no refunds or exchanges. No items are currently available for shipping. We may explore shipping options at a later time.

When visiting, please note that items marked with an X are not for sale. Items without a tag, including many used pots are price negotiable. We will try to update this page to account for sold items, but please understand that some items may no longer be available by the time you get to Connie’s house.

Update: August 8
Sold Items removed from gallery below. About half the collection is still available. Click images below for inventory number, plant type, and price.